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Supported Living
Supported living means that you are able to live as independently as possible with your housing and support built around you to help live the way that YOU choose to.

If you choose supported living, we will work with you on a person centred plan which sets out your hopes and goals for your life, and the choices you would like to make. We will then agree a tailored support plan which will give consideration to what you specifically want to achieve, what support you need and what action we need to take to help you achieve it. You will then be supported to decide how you are going to make those things happen.

The support plan will incorporate your views and the views of people that know you well and will identify your strengths and needs. Based on this assessment you will receive a schedule of input that is designed to strike a balance between your independence, your need for support and your right to make lifestyle choices. The support plan will be a living document and will be subject to regular review to ensure that the support remains relevant.

Using the support plan, you are helped to achieve and build competence in the essential areas of independent living. This could mean that you are supported for a few hours everyday, overnight or even 24 hours a day.

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Supported living for young adults with special needs

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